Our services

All pets are bathed with salon graded shampoo, specially formulated to be at the correct pH balance for your petís skin.

Grooming time in the salon can vary, especially during busy times, however we estimate bath only appointments to last approximately 1 hour and full groom appointments to be around 3 hours. We ask you to be patient while your pet is in the salon, we will ring you to let you know when your pet is ready for collection as returning early can upset them.

We provide a range of services for your dog, including:


Bath, Nails and Blast

Using a high powered air hose which blasts dead hair and undercoat which helps to manage casting in dogs such as Labradors.

Bath, Nails and Tidy

An interim service or ideal for young puppies Ė dogs receive a bath, have their nails checked and have their eyes and feet tidied as well as the hygiene area clipped.

Full Groom

Full grooms vary from a trim to clipping and scissoring, depending on breed, customer requirements and condition of the coat.


Available for specific breeds such as Border Terriers and Schnauzers.


Cat grooming varies from bath, brush out and nails, to a full clip, bath and nails depending on coat condition, customer requirements and temperament.

Flea Bath

Any pet found to have fleas will receive a flea bath, protecting them for up to 7 days. Please note: an additional £5 charge will apply.

The final price charged will depend on the actual size of the dog, coat length, degree of matting, time since last groomed and to some extent behaviour. If you require a firm final price, please ask for an estimate or quotation prior to grooming when we meet your dog to discuss your exact requirements.